addison kang ap origin

Addison Kang

CEO, AP Origin

Addison Kang is a recognized name in the online and electronic gaming industry. He founded Asiasoft Online and Cherry Credits prior to joining as VP of Shanda Games (Nasdaq: GAME) till 2015. During his tenure, he published MapleStory, Audition, Pangya, Dragon Nest and launched World of Warcraft - The burning Crusade. A serial Entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, Addison now runs an innovation lab with 5 subsidiaries. He is also a Venture Partner of iGlobe Partners and an advisor to the world's largest gaming peripheral company Razer.

Expertise: • Investor • Veteran Publishing Producer • Monetisation Expert • FinTech Payment & Distribution • HR Tech

aldric chang swagsoft

Aldric Chang

CEO, Swag Soft LLP

Aldric Chang is a serial creative entrepreneur. He excels in developing and marketing businesses, identifying problems and finding creative solutions for them.

Having produced music, animation, virtual worlds, mobile apps and games, he understands media production intimately.

As the founder of Media Freaks and Swag Soft, he grew these companies from scratch into well-known service providers in the fields of animation, digital marketing, mobile apps and games development.

Expertise: • Games & App Concept Development • Business Development & Marketing • Mentoring

david mentor2 gogame

David Ng

Founder & CEO, Go Game

David is the CEO and founder of goGame, a mobile game publisher and subsidiary of SEGA. goGame offers a suite of publishing services and revolutionary technology with the singular aim of helping developers turn their good games into great games.

A veteran with over 20 years of industry experience, David has held many prominent roles, including CEO of gumi Asia and General Manager of Electronic Arts Asia Online. He is respected for his astute business vision, passion, as well as his role in orchestrating the success of Brave Frontier.

Expertise: • Game Publishing • Entrepreneurship • Regional Business Development

james barnard springloaded

James Barnard

CEO, Springloaded Pte Ltd

James founded Springloaded in 2013, they have worked on mobile and console products the most well known of which would be their f2p game tiny dice dungeon, which has been downloaded 2.5 million times.

James has worked in the industry for over 15 years in multiple roles including design, production and programming, and has worked with companies including EA, Atari and Lucasarts.

Expertise: • Game Design & Programming • Publishing & Negotiation • Project Management

robin ng asiasoft

Robin Ng

Head of International Business, Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd

Robin Ng is the Director of International Business & Strategic Development for the leading games publisher in Southeast Asia, Asiasoft Corporation.

He oversees the group’s corporate-level collaborations, strategic businesses in internet services and the acquisition of games from partners world-wide.

Robin has accumulated more than a decade’s worth of industry experience in the mobile, gaming and social sector focusing on the Southeast Asia region.

Working in various start-ups and environments previously, Robin has been through the value chain of mobile social networks, gaming development and publishing where he has extensive knowledge and understanding of the market trends, consumer behavior and the industry.

Expertise: • Business Development • Games Publishing • Advisory

travis ho touch dimensions

Travis Ho

Founder, Touch Dimensions Interactive Pte Ltd

Travis has been a game developer for much of his life, despite many attempts to the contrary. Deprived of the chance to play strategy games as a child, he set out on a lifelong quest of making one of his own, despite having no idea what such games were like and having no internet to refer to.

Starting in an era when games were very much limited by graphics capabilities they ran on, Travis programmed games that were little more than green lines on black screens.

Back then, this was sufficient to win him a showcase spot in Cannes, France and later, become the first Singaporean IGDA scholar. Rather than studying, Travis spent his time in school winning game development awards, presiding over student game development organisations and co-founding Touch Dimensions, a game development company.

Travis reached his lifelong goal at last with the Autumn Dynasty series of war games, which achieved modest sales on the AppStore, and now seeks to help others achieve their dreams, by being a GSC mentor!

Expertise: • Programming • Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision