Events, seminars, game-testing sessions - these are just some of the many things that you can look forward to. With (the) community of like-minded game creators, we were able to learn and share new experiences, while also reaching out to new audiences across different regions. If you want to learn, grow and craft/produce better games, this is where you need to be.

David Lin,
Founder of WhiteSponge

... the ideal incubator for a game studio startup like ours -- it was here where we transitioned from hobbyist team to professional studio, all thanks to the advice and mentorship of centre staff.

Travis Ho
Co-founder of Touch Dimensions & creator of award-winning title, Autumn Dynasty

... a powerful incubation center for Zengami. It has been invaluable in helping the development of our company from small startup towards investable SME. With expert staff, a vibrant community of developers and vital links to established technology, business and publishing firms it is the ideal venue from which to launch your new games enterprise in Singapore!

Andrew Carter
Founder of Zengami   

... (the centre's) networking support and opportunities to attend overseas industry events has been particularly helpful for us. We were able to reach out and connect with potential publishers and understand the overseas market better. Now, we are more prepared and confident of future successful game promotions and launches.

Kelvin Koh
Co-founder of Delta Duck Studios