• Spacejacked
    Spacejacked is now available on STEAM for Windows, Mac & Linux!
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  • Slashy Hero
    Play through 47 intricately designed levels, battle huge bosses, collect a ton of costumes to wear and become the hero the world deserves!
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New Release

Restaurant Paradise
Restaurant ParadiseIOS, Android

Build your gourmet restaurant city, upgrade your shops and attract cute foodies!

WickLandsIOS, Android

Guide two artistic friends, James and Jeremy through WickLands.


Build. Shoot. Survive invasion by filthy alien scum.

Coming Soon

Horizon's Edge
Horizon's Edge

Horizon’s Edge is a social mobile RPG. The game features an exclusive art style in the form of a 2D top-down vertical scroller.

Myriad of Dragons
Myriad of Dragons

Myriad of Dragons is a modern Trading Card Game with Real Time Strategy elements built on community.


In Stifled, the player’s only way to visualise and navigate the world is through the very sounds they make. These sounds are picked up via microphone


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Chiro Heroes

Have fun and be engaged while learning the basics of chinese character writing. Play as a young orphan in the care of an experienced demon hunter (Master Ji) an

Stifled Teaser Trailer

Stifled is an immersive sound-based horror experience, where 'they hear your fears'